LindyBurg Swing Weekend: Teachers

Usch - Solo Jazz

Ursula Ader (Münster, Germany) aka „Usch“

started as a professional singer and tapdancer before she discovered her love for Lindy Hop. She is well-known for her musical talent, enthusiasm, humour and sensibility for the students needs. Her dancing is extremely playful and full of rhythmical improvisations, as a Follow and a Lead.

In addition to Lindy Hop, Usch teaches Solo Jazz, Tapdance and Body Rhythm. She is a passionate, inspiring teacher and loves to see her students grow with the challenge. In class she focusses on musicality and fun as well as on great technique. Due to her huge teaching experience she is able to offer precise diagnoses and solution paths.

Usch is the founder of the swing dance scene in Münster, which has been blooming since 2006. Apart from the weekly local classes, Usch regularly teaches on international events, from Germany to Canada.




Florian & Katharina - Lindy Hop

Katharina Duarte (Copenhagen, Denmark)

has been dancing and playing music since childhood. Starting with the violin at the age of 5 she has played, sung and danced her way through music schools and dance studios. At home, she grew up on Louis Armstrong and Benny Goodman.



Her love for dancing and teaching lindy hop and solo jazz shines trough in her classes that are known for great energy, passion for music and focus on connection with students on all levels.










Florian Klein (Berlin, Germany)

began learning Lindy Hop because he loved music and was willing to learn the proper movements. Therefore, he was keen to keep to the musicality of the songs.


He had fun from the very beginning and did not so much care about how perfect his posture was or how to show the fanciest moves. Instead, he just wanted to enjoy the dance itself and make his partner smile. Still, it is not only fun that matters. Dancing to music requires fundamentals and skills.


Before starting to dance, Florian worked as a musician, which may now help him better connect the two art forms.


At present, he teaches weekly in Berlin and enjoys traveling to workshops all over Europe with the aim to learn, teach, compete and dance until dawn.

Simon & Fey - Lindy Hop

Fey Roest (Nijmegen, Netherlands)

discovered Lindy Hop in 2014 as one of the "original" Nijmegen dancers and immediately fell in love. From the beginning, she couldn't get enough and went to every social and class she could find in Nijmegen, her hometown in the Netherlands. Very soon she became part of the teaching team at Lindy What? Nijmegen and this is how she spreads the Lindy love to all who want to dance with her.


Fey is very much drawn to the social aspects of the dance. As such, she stands for having a lot of fun in her dancing, which she strongly believes is what Lindy Hop is all about. The dance has taken her all around the Netherlands and to workshops in Spain. Be it on an international level or a small local social, whether it is dancing as a follower or a leader, to Fey, Lindy Hop is always about enjoyment and playing around with her partner in every dance.




Simon Brain (Nijmegen, Netherlands)

has been studying and playing jazz music since the early 90s but it was only in 2011 in Luxembourg that he discovered Lindy Hop, having being dragged to a dance class by a Swedish friend. He immediately fell in love with dancing and quickly became part of the teaching team at Swing Dance Luxembourg.


In 2013 Simon moved to Nijmegen, where he became one of the founders of the Lindy Hop scene in the city (Lindy What? Nijmegen), where he has been teaching classes and workshops ever since. Lindy Hop has taken him all across Europe and even to Australia! With a strong focus on social dancing and technique, he is always looking forward to working and dancing with people he hasn't met before and being presented with new dance challenges. Photo credit: Stephanie O'Connor


Momo - Switch Taster

Momo (Osnabrück, Germany)

is a passionate dancer from Osnabrück and has been an integral part of the Lindyhop scene for over 4 years. Since 3 years she teaches  Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz courses. Her party series "Happy Feet" and  the big "Happy Feet Osnabrooklyn" festival had been an immediate succes. She is a great DJane as well and has rocked a variety of dance events.


In addition to her great achievements in Osnabrück she explores the international scene, mainly in Sweden, taking part in various workshops and festivals to meet new people and to exchange with the international who is who of Lindy Hop.